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Rachit J & Co. is a firm of Chartered Accountants that is established in Hyderabad and is managed by CA Rachit Jain along with a team of Qualified Professionals, having the experience in rendering services encompassing Taxation, Advisory and Audit & Advisory.

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Rachit J & Co’s corporate taxation services are exclusively based on innovative tax-efficient strategies through which it offers compelling tax management, tax structuring and advisory services.

One of the most complex and dynamic challenges in terms of financial planning is taxation. We at Rachit J & Co adapt to the ever-changing legislation and rules by devising new methods of discharging tax liabilities at ease.

The tax planning and strategy for every case are unique, so as our approach. We are aware of the versatility of individual’s issues and deal with them on their own merits while keeping the long-term considerations always in mind.


We provide our services in relation to Direct Tax to a wide range of clientele from Corporates, directors of multinational corporations, owner-manager, trusteeship, non-profit organizations or individuals. Rachit J & Co ensures that you pay appropriate tax at the right time, and all your activities remain tax efficient.

We appreciate the importance of relationships with each of our clients, especially over the long-term. The more we know you, the more we will be able to understand your needs over time and take proactive steps with the changing tax requirements along with your exceptional circumstances.

Rachit J & Co’s Direct Tax Services cover broad areas, such as:

  • Litigation and Representation: Complexity in the tax rules generally results in the litigations. We help clients reduce this threat through complete, accurate and exhaustive submissions to the authorities. Our representations and submissions ensure that clients avoid or cut down on litigation. We simplify core issues.
    Not only have we helped clients reduce litigation, we have also gained respect among the authorities. We have represented clients at all stages of proceedings and quite often than not the cases involve complex and challenging issues.
  • Corporate Tax: Corporate tax is the foundation for many successful businesses. Proper structuring can provide benefits like high operational performance, legal protection while ensuring that one doesn’t pay more tax than it is required. Also, it ensures that your business expansion does not get hampered by unforeseen liabilities. Corporate actions like, Merger and Acquisition, ESOP Issuance, Sweat Equity, Dividend, Buy Back, Conversion from Firm to Company, All these transactions may attract the Income Tax. We not only focus on smooth processing of Corporate actions but also provide the suitable options and alternative ways to optimize the Income Tax Liability.
  • Personal Tax Advisory: Efficiently planning and managing your personal tax affairs is quite essential for enabling you to plan for an abundant future and maximizing quality of life. We provide advisory on Income Tax optimization to individuals, Professionals, Freelancers, Proprietorship Firms, Partnership Firms, NRIs etc.,
  • Income Tax Return Filing: We provide assistance in Filing Income Tax return to any kind of tax payer in India from Corporates to the Individuals, Firms, HUF, Trust etc.,